Sketches of my work 3

The remake of a broken sculpture.

Art isn't always appreciated.

Our cat is a cutie but also enjoys racing about the house. So a clash between him and one of my sculptures was to be expected. I resignedly picked up the parts and took them to the workshop. Again a lesson learned because the pewter is brittle and the figurines were too thin. Henceforth I will make my pewter figures with an internal iron frame. Thankfully I could cast again because I keep my moulds. The only thing I have to decide now is whether to melt the leftover pieces down or make brooches out of them.

After this incident, our little boy wasn't penalised. Sadly, he stuck his tail in a cup of hot tea, causing the tail to die. His mummy did not keep the mould of his tail. Now he has to go through life without it. He is wearing a leash in the garden. Always under the supervision of course. Thus he can safely enjoy the backyard while other animals are safe from him. The leash doesn't bother him at all and I'm happy to live with broken flowers. I can always find a vase for them.