Sketches of my work 4

A Look behind the scenes

What I do before you can get a glimpse

After completing a piece, the next job comes along. It's time for photo shooting and writing texts for the website. The work determines the location of the photoshoot. The studio, the garden, the living room and even the toilet can suit for this. Furniture moved, boards and fabrics are selected to function as background. After shooting my Taurus, all went back to their proper place. While I sit on the sofa a little later, the autumn sun shines through the stained-glass window. Mother Nature is in for a treat!

The writing process is similar to collecting and moving things around for a photoshoot. The pieces are measured and described. The descriptions are frequently too complex, so I delete a lot. It's a time consuming yet important job which enables others to notice my work. It also makes me reflect upon my work, which gives me an insight into what drives me. In fact, in deleting words, I also tidy up the mishmash of thoughts in my head. Working on my laptop with such a view of the garden is not a punishment at all!