Expo Museum Tinguely AHOY

Inspiration just sailed past!

Museum Tinguely AHOY moored in Maastricht.

TV often fails to captivate me. I prefer to read a book or sketch when I'm not working in my studio. But I do like animated images. The sculptures of Jean Tinguely, for example. A visit to his museum, in Basel Switzerland, is on the wish list. Much to my delight, the Tinguely museum came to Maastricht in August. With the motto Museum Tinguely Ahoy, it made a travelling exhibition on a boat. It celebrated its 25th anniversary. Jean Tinguely (1925-1991) was an innovative Swiss artist of the 20th century who used waste materials. In a converted barge, the exhibition went past places relevant to Tinguely's artistic career. Paris, Antwerp, Maastricht and Amsterdam. The photo shows part of the exposition in the hull of the floating museum. The video shows the spectacular fountain on the deck. The beauty of art to me is not just the enjoyment during the viewing itself. I have often found that by looking at art, I experience the world around me differently. Sitting in our garden after my visit, I looked differently at the buzzing bees. Kinetic art by Tinguely and kinetic art by Mother Nature.