Expo Calder-Picasso

Why you need to see art in real life?

Musée Picasso Paris

Unfortunately, you have to see art in real life. I find that a pity, because not all people have the opportunity to visit a museum. But luckily there are also other places outside of museums. There are many sculptures in squares and parks. You can go and see and even touch them! You can also visit galleries. If you are a bit uncomfortable going into a gallery, you can also go to an art market. It is not a question of admiring art by a famous artist. It is about being touched by a piece of art, not about whether you can understand it or pay for it. You can enjoy looking at something because you like the colour.

So can you only enjoy art if you see it in real life? Of course not, for I can also very much enjoy art books. Most of the works they contain I have not seen in real life. It does help if you have seen a lot of art in real life, as you can then complete the information that is missing in a photo in your head. There is no need to travel the world to collect that information.

I am a true home-sparrow, but I like to go out and visit museums and galleries. I took the photo above at the Calder-Picasso exhibition. You see the shadow of the two forms, which already allows you to notice that they are dangling separately in front of the painting. It is impossible to tell that the separate forms have a different colour at the back. On the video, however, you can see that. So take a look on YouTube, because there too you can experience art.