Expo Piet Oudolf and LOLA

How to combine nature, living and art.

Piet Oudolf and LOLA Landschape works-in search of Shararwadgi, Schunck Heerlen.

I developed my love of nature at a young age. We often went for walks and my father would tell us all sorts of interesting facts about the buildings. My mother knew almost every plant we came across along the way and my brother knew the bird guide completely by heart. A visit to this exhibition is almost a matter of course if you love nature and gardening, like me.

At this exhibition, there were beautiful design drawings and photographs of Piet Oudolf's garden plans. In the video, you can see an energy-efficient solution to experience the beauty of Piet's gardens in different seasons. A holographic photo is a good solution for a dynamic presentation.

There were also projects by landscape architects LOLA on display, whereby the salt fields project by Solana Ulcini touched me very much. Through the extraction of salt, a human activity, migratory birds could for years on end feed on the many animals in the shallow water of the salt fields. When salt production stopped, the shallow waters and the animals that lived in them disappeared. End of a valuable stopping place for birds. Fortunately, LOLA has made a plan to preserve the shallow waters and biodiversity. Let's hope it will be implemented.

The works by the artists in this exposition, show that art can be a means of drawing attention to nature. Joseph Beuys planted 7000 oaks on the occasion of the Documenta in 1982 in Kassel, for example. The photos show the power of this work of art in an urban environment!

An exhibition that shows that caring for nature can go hand in hand with living and art.