Expo Tony Cragg

In search of inspiration

Tony Cragg, Points of view, museum Belvédère Hereveen

At the time of my studies, I was introduced to this English sculptor in MUHKA in Antwerp. That was where I first saw his work. He made tours through the countryside at that time and collected natural materials and household waste, which he used to create his work. From the mid-1980s, he no longer worked with individual plastic parts but began to make large bronze sculptures. Since the end of the 1980s, he has also made many drawings. At this exhibition, several of his drawings were on display and it was the first time that I had come across Cragg's drawings. The dynamism of his sculptures was enhanced by the grey, windy weather. I had a great time and got a new idea for a future trip. Tony Cragg's Skulpturenpark Waldfrieden, where his sculptures are displayed. In the exhibition hall works by fellow sculptors can be seen. Fortunately, Wuppertal is not far away from Maastricht.