Diamond Grading 1

To Antwerp for a diamond grading course

A bit more than a year after awarded a Diamond Grading Course, at the Jewelry Award, I went to HRD Antwerp. The three week course started on the first of October and I stayed in Antwerp during the week and went home for the weekends.  Traveling by train was great because of the scenery and it’s just a short walk to HRD from the train station. At HRD I met my three fellow students and our fine teacher. We all had a microscope, a set of tools, a course book and lots of diamonds to work with. Placing a diamond  under the microscope wasn’t as easy as I thought, but was learned quickly. Interpretation of what I saw under the microscope was something that took all three weeks. On my walks to HRD and my hotel I came along  the building of the train station. And after a day looking through the microscope I enjoyed the sunshine in the late afternoon even more than I usually do.