International Summer Academy 3

More machines and what you can do with them

The appearance of many rocks does not immediately show how the stone will look when you work and polish it. Sawing stones into slices allow you to view the treasures hidden on the interior and provides you with more manageable parts to work on as a result. The picture on the left features the big stone saw from the workshop. There is oil to cool the stone and diamond saw. The wheel to the right of the blue block is to move the rock very slowly towards the saw blade. Therefore the rock and blade providing to break. The plexiglass cover shields you from splashing oil with stone chips. The smell of the oil made me feel like I was at a gas station. The picture in the middle shows slabs of stones and also two cabochons. On the far right is a small water-cooled saw machine, where one can saw basic shapes from the slices in the middle picture. They then can be further handled by the grinding and faceting machines.