Sketches of my work 8

Reuse of materials in practice

Transforming a found marble tile from a container into a brooch

Although marble is hard, it can be worked very well with simple hand tools. Marble is a classic material used to represent the human body. Because of this, it fitted well with my idea for Ariel Lavian's open call My Body, My Decision. While not toxic, the dust released during carving causes black lung. It is essential to wear a mouth mask and sand with waterproof sandpaper. The small pieces of marble that remain I grind. I process it in a mortar with the grit from filing and sanding. I am making it so fine that it can be

used as a pigment. Thus, I turn my waste into useful material for a painter. Or myself, of course. Whatever binder you add to pigments determines what surface you can use it on. It's definitely worth investigating further. In the meantime, it patiently waits in a jar in my studio.

You can read how to make pigments in my blog, Making pigments yourself.