Sustainable entrepreneurship 2

Refurbishing a thrift shop find

An actual contribution or greenwashing?

Considering whether or not to buy things is sustainable. Buying from a thrift store is, too. That is if you don't buy something that you quickly throw away again. I have given this thrift store chair new upholstery and foam. The foam came from suitcases of showroom lighting. When I cleared out the suitcases, I kept the foam because it was still usable. Fortunately, I have space to keep things until I have a use for them. With its flexible backrest and revamped foam, I have sat comfortably in my studio for nine

years. I have consciously chosen not to paint the metal. For its functionality, it is not necessary, and paint is environmentally harmful. So, there is no way to talk about sustainable or unsustainable in one-liners. Instead, it is a careful weighing up of things. There is no question of right or wrong. It is continuing to work towards being less environmentally damaging.