37 years after the nuclear disaster, I saw a documentary about Chernobyl.

Full of astonishment, I saw abundant fauna as well as flora. Without human intervention, houses turned into ruins. On top of this, a Paradise grew.

Research shows the ecosystem has been disturbed with far less wildlife in places with the highest radioactive pollution. One also found many anomalies, such as malformed bird beaks.

The resilient power of nature is overpowering but is no match for the tremendous destructiveness of humankind.

This flower of (construction) waste, partially found in nature, represents my fear that we might soon have only the imaginations state of nature.

About the work process, I have written the BLOG sketches of my work 6.

sculpture Wallflower


sculpture Wallflower




found iron wire, found brick, found spark plug, recycled copper wire


height 205 mm  /  8.07 Inch

width 90 mm  /  3.54 Inch

depth 75 mm  /  2.95 Inch

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