Sketches of my work 6

Recycling in action

How various finds come together

In the studio, I collect my findings. There are various types of finds. One kind is the rough material category. Pieces of wood from a container. Neutral in shape and suitable to use for a mould, for example. Then there are also finds that immediately evoke an image for me. They get sorted into trays or containers. Bricks by bricks, iron by iron and so on. There are boxes with finds that belong together. Not found together, but the stuff I feel belongs together. The left picture shows the content of such a box. The middle photos are examples of so-called raw materials. Remnants of electrical wire leftover from lighting jobs. Useful material was found in a container a few streets away. That container also included a piece of brick with contamination. A case of doubt. Not a brick that evoked an image. It might be suitable for making pigment because it had a particular discolouration. In the end, the brick is the base for my wallflower. From doubt to a base place. Just like in ordinary life.