When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, how do you cope?

I express my feelings by making this brooch. My mother has dementia. I see her struggling with losing herself and her fear of the future. She considers herself no longer of value. Hence, the question of whether you can decide for yourself whether your life is complete comes to mind.

Have you ever thought about this? Do your loved ones know what to decide if you can no longer speak for yourself?

I don't want to force my opinion on something so personal on anyone. I do want to create awareness. The title of the brooch not only asks whether intervening is illegal for societal laws or religion. I also question whether I dare to decide on this issue.

Marble has always been popular with sculptors to create human figures. The material and the undulating shape of the brooch allude to the body. The sharp, straight, polished side represents human intervention. The Argentium silver represents a neutral point of view, as it does not turn black over time.


I have written about the work process in the BLOG Sketches of my work 8 and the exhibition in exhibition Anatomy of decisions

brooch Can I ?


brooch Can I ?




found marble tile, Argentium silver, steel pin

marks master's mark
height 40mm  / 1.57 Inch

width 62mm  / 2.44 Inch

depth 13mm  / 0.51 Inch


The open call by Ariel Lavian, My Body, My Decision, prompted the creation of this brooch. This brooch was part of the exhibition Anatomy of Decisions at Beita Gallery in Jerusalem, Israel.

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