exhibition Anatomy of decisions

A special subject for an exhibition

Thanks to Ariel Lavian for the inspiring open call

The description of Ariel's open call hit me immediately. The subject I wanted to depict was immediately evident. My mother is demented. I see her struggling with losing herself and her fear of the future. She indicates that she thinks she is no longer of value. Hence, the question of whether you can decide for yourself whether your life is complete imposes itself on me. Capturing such an emotionally charged subject in a form was difficult. The shape of the brooch seems simple. Just like answering the question seems simple. Until you actually have to answer him. Then, it turns out that it is all very

complex. What makes the exhibition fascinating is how the different artists have depicted a personal story. Sometimes very playful, but also very sober and often with a feeling of melancholy and gloom. For me, the sense of resilience ultimately prevails. Whatever comes your way, you end up putting a spin on it.

A few weeks after my brooch returned home, there was a war in Israel. The pink is black. Why are there so many innocent people suffering from war in this world?