Saskia is known for her architectural jewellery and objects.

Her works consist of unique pieces and limited editions. She has cut many of the stones she works with herself and combines them with various precious and base metals. Some jewellery turns into an object by combining it with a handmade plinth or stand. To allow you to enjoy the jewellery even when you are not wearing it. Be it pieces of jewellery, sculptures or other objects. Each of them tells a story. On death, love, life, the beauty of nature and their interconnections.


In her works, her background as a sculptor and lighting planner is visible.

The choice of materials, the personally cut stones and hand-made pedestals on the one side, and the architectonical shapes, textures and the way light plays a part in her compositions, on the other hand, are characteristic of her work.


In 2014, Saskia established her studio in Maastricht.

In parallel to her studio work, she runs the Lighting Design studio SM Lichtarchitektuur in cooperation with her partner.