sculpture May I come in


sculpture May I come in



One Of A Kind

recycled casted pewter, broken crystal wine glass, recycled beech sill, found barbed wire, ribbon of a T-shirt

total dimensions

height  195 mm  / 7.68 Inch

width  107 mm  / 4.21 Inch

depth 122 mm  / 4.8 Inch



stamps maker's mark

height  65 mm  / 2.56 Inch

width  35 mm  / 1.38 Inch

depth 45 mm  / 1.77 Inch


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A call out to attention.


sills, fences, borders,
protecting one
ignoring others
simply longing for
love, warmth, shelter


In these times of Covid-19, Black lives matter as well as many millions of refugees worldwide, I feel the urge to open up to others and pay more attention to those that are not heard.