As a teenager, I made small objects out of all kinds of things.

These objects became wearable in search of an audience, and my first bracelets and brooches came into being. During the first-grade teacher training in crafts at the art academy in Maastricht, the small objects grew into sculptures. After graduating, I worked at a museum and became a light planner by chance. Creating a lighting plan is a dynamic and creative process in which several disciplines cooperate with a pressing deadline. Very challenging, but also very satisfying. 

A few years back, there was just something missing.

The urge to express my feelings and memories became more and more intense made me attend a course in goldsmithing. I again fell in love with jewellery making, converted my cellar into a workshop and went to daytime goldsmithing school to further my technical skills. 

It is as if all the pieces of the jigsaw fell into place.

Now I can combine my love for architecture, engineering, computer drawing and 3D printing with working in different materials, craft techniques and love for nature. The story makes that something becomes a piece of jewellery, object, sculpture or a hybrid form.

Precious metals and gemstones and all other materials, are unfortunately not green.

The mining of precious metals, gemstones and all other materials causes damage to the landscape. That is why I consciously choose reusable and recycled raw materials. Also, I produce as little waste as possible in my workshop to spare the environment. In my BLOG, I hope to inspire others with the way I put this into practice.