In my family, visiting an exhibition was the most normal thing in the world. As a child, I joyfully crafted figurines out of what I found on the streets and in nature. The process of visualising my story felt like second nature. However, the desire to share my stories in a more tangible way arose in high school. As I made my sculptures wearable, I created my first jewellery. I graduated from the art academy in Maastricht, as a teacher of handicrafts.

I love fairy tales and stories. The stories I tell are in the form of sculptures and jewellery. As a kid, I found the material for my sculptures on the street or in nature. Now I work with found materials again. Today, I consciously choose to do so because I want to work in an environmentally friendly way. That includes the whole working process and not just the choice of materials. So, it includes limiting waste and looking for alternatives to materials and auxiliary materials harmful to nature. I aim to encourage others to contribute to improving the environment. I show that being environmentally conscious is not a limitation.

I aim to inspire others by showing how to implement this in practice in my BLOG.