Necklace I can't add anything more


Necklace I can't add anything more



One of A Kind

recycled bricks, brass

height 265 mm  / 10.43 Inch

width 210 mm  / 8.27 Inch

depth 27 mm  / 1.06 Inch

hallmarks master's mark


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My contemporary piece inspired by Devotional Jewellery.


As a metaphor for human life, an imperfect thread of brass becomes the path of life along which stones slide, representing childhood, adulthood and old age. Dying completes the cycle of life and inextricably links the beginning and the end of life. Loss to me means the inability to create new memories with a loved one when they die.


I find comfort in the precious memories of the two stages of life of my loved one, of which I have been part. I carry one-half of these memories with me. The half-spheres symbolise the part that my loved one has of our shared memories.


The bricks refer to my loved one's belief in God who created Adam from the earth. Humans have used brass since prehistoric times. The warm colour of brass refers for me to the value and beauty of the ordinary in life.


With this piece, I responded to an open call by AGC - Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo.


I wrote the BLOG I can't add anything more about the work process.