Sketches of my work 7

Gift for a son turning 50 and Fabulous

Moments of sharing old memories and making new ones

A son turning 50 is a celebration and worthy of a special gift. By getting older, I experience my memories are primarily of value. Moments shared with those I love. Eating and drinking are often part of being together. I designed these spoons for a birthday boy who loves espresso and has a gorgeous coffee machine. The photos show the sample spoons made of brass sheets and the processing the Argentium sheet undergoes. The sheet is partly forged and polished. Then the sheet is pleated and partially matted. The pleating of the sheet is particularly tricky. If the fold is not centred correctly, it creates a crazy curve beyond correction. The box to store the spoons is made of rough cherry wood that I have sawed. It has two compartments, allowing it to be sawn in half. Due time, a box of their own with five spoons is created for the two sons as a reminder of their father and his 50th birthday celebration. Thus the title 50/50.