Sketches of my work 5

The final product is an assembly of all kinds of components.

A short extract of the numerous stages of making IM's hanukkiah.

I love the challenges of processing multiple types of materials. Each material has its character with advantages and limitations. Sterling silver is rigid but can be melted down if the result is not as desired. Woods are softer, yet a piece cut too short cannot be extended invisibly. Such a block does not end up in the dustbin. Instead, it ends up in a box with all other pieces waiting for a new chance. Similarly, I store the cut shafts of my boots. It is fine leather. I often only need small bites. To safeguard the Argentium candle holders from scratches, I re-used strips of such leather in the recess of the pieces of wood. To cut them nicely at 45 degrees a mitre jig comes handy. My jewellers' tools double as leatherworking tools.