A variation on a classic motif as an ode to craftsmanship.


It is a small bull, but on its socle it commands respect. The way
I respect craftsmen of the past and present, shaping materials with skill and respect for nature.

I found this flintstone while I was out for a walk. The stone brought to mind prehistoric cave paintings of animals. It had been in my workshop for years. During that time, it had several legs, heads and pedestals. All of them were not interesting enough. Recently, I found this nail and bent piece of iron. The associations with cave paintings gave rise to the idea of connecting the parts with wire and beeswax.


About the photoshoot of this Taurus, I have written the  BLOG Sketches of my work 4.

sculpture Taurus


sculpture Taurus






found iron pieces, found flint, beeswax, brass wire, spruce, brass seal with master's mark


marks master's sign


height 380 mm  / 14.96 Inch

width 65 mm  /  2.56 Inch

depth 74 mm  /  2.91 Inch


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