sculpture Couple


sculpture Couple


2019, remake 2021

one of a kind

recycled pewter, galvanized iron wire, oak wood, sterling silver seal with master's mark

marks master's sign

height 185 mm  / 7.28 Inch

width 85 mm  /  3.35 Inch

depth 50 mm  /  1.97 Inch


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An ode to the love between two adults, regardless of orientation, origin, faith.....


The two figures are cast in the same mould but gain their character due to the iron wire. Like people are equal despite their individuality.

The first sculptures I made were zoomorphic figures. Zoomorphic stands for shaped like an animal. Characteristics of different animals can be combined. During a workshop, I attended in the summer of 2019 these shapes reawakened in me.

I had to re-cast the figures when the first version of this sculpture fell apart due to a collision with our cat.

I wrote the BLOG Sketches of my work 3 about this remake.