sculpture Cookie mouse


sculpture Cookie mouse



one of a kind

recycled pewter, found iron and barbed wire, beechwood, brass wall mount


dimensions mouse

height 80 mm  /  3.15 Inch

width 93 mm  /  3.66 Inch

depth 69 mm  /  2.72 Inch


dimensions plinth

height 55 mm  /  2.17 Inch

width 43 mm  /  1.69 Inch

depth 135 mm  /  5.31 Inch


dimensions total

height 135 mm  /  5.31 Inch

width 95 mm  /  3.74 Inch

depth 135 mm  /  5.31 Inch

marks master's mark in the brass emblem


It comes with a wall mounting to be used to hang it on a wall.


Feel free to contact me for more information. contact


The strong suggestion of a body posture.


In the iron wire shape, I immediately saw the curved back of a curious creature. Wich bent over to look at something. In the same way, I bent down to gather up the wire laying in front of me on the half-paved path.


With legs and head out of pewter and a tail of rusty barbed wire, a little mouse came into being. From his high spot on the wall, he watches us. Is he just curious, or is he just keeping watch?


I have written about the work process in the BLOG Sketches of my work 2.