Sketches of my work 2

An eggy little mouse

Often, our dog has to wait for me because I have to dig up a piece of iron, tile or stone during our walks. I use my finds in different ways. In this case, I instantly saw a curious creature in the shape of an iron wire. I more or less used it as I found it and cast the pewter head and legs on it. The tail of barbed wire which came from my collection of old iron I had found another time.

I cast the pewter in moulding sand, also known as Delft clay. In the moulding sand, I first formed a cavity for the head. I placed the wire in the sand then the pewter was cast directly around the iron. Then pewter is shaped by filling. In the same manner, I made the feet.

The pewter originally were plates from the second-hand shop. By re-using pewter, I try to minimise the burden on the environment. Gathering the old iron is a real addiction, which makes nature a little bit cleaner. The beech wood is a piece of waste from one of our projects. Because of using discarded materials as much as possible, less new material needs produced.