Kiddush cup as a gift for the Bar Mitzvah of FF, commissioned by his grandfather

You are given half of your genes from each of your parents. In childhood, people around you tell you what you look like your parents. This grandson also has two older brothers to be compared to. Despite the similarities, we are all our unique mix. All of us are searching for what we can, want and are.

Its shape of three fused cylinders refers to the two sources of genes, from which the large cylinder grows with an unknown mix of some of the original genes.

This cup was 3D printed in wax, after which the wax model was cast in silver using the classic lost wax method. Thanks to Horbach Idar-Oberstein for the craftsmanship with which they cast this problematic design. The finishing of the cup is done by hand.

I have written about the work process in the BLOG Sketches of my work 9

Meaning of Kiddush Cup


A traditional kiddush cup is made of gold or silver and is beautifully decorated and/or engraved with names or Torah texts. Kiddush cups are filled with wine or grape juice at the beginning of the Shabbat meal on Friday evening. Kiddush literally means sanctification, and by saying prayers and accompanying rituals, an ordinary meal becomes a religious act.

Kiddush cup TF



sterling silver

marks master symbol

height 85 mm  /  3.35 Inch

diameter 50 mm  /  1.97 Inch


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