Meaning of Hanukkiah or Hanukkah menorah.


A Hanukkiah is a nine-branched candelabra used at the Jewish Hanukkah feast. It is a special kind of menorah for the Hanukkah celebration. In other words, eight candles are burned beside one candle called a shamash, which has to be slightly different.

Hanukkiah as gift from his grandfather on the 13th birthday of IM.


This grandson often received LEGO when he celebrated Hanukkah with his grandfather. The nine block-shaped candlesticks are a reminder of the festive occasion when arranged in a row to form a Hanukkiah. They serve as Shabbat candlesticks stacked in two towers. When stacked up to seven candlesticks, they become a menorah. As with the LEGO blocks, the number of possible combinations is unlimited, allowing IM to create and rotate candlesticks to suit the occasion, his mood or his taste.


I wrote the BLOG  Sketches of my work 5 about the work process.

Hanukkiah IM



Argentium silver, purpleheart wood, nickel-plated nails and leather.


marks maker's mark

height  36 mm / 63 mm   1.41 Inch / 2.48 Inch

width  50 mm / 1.96 Inch

depth  50 mm / 1.96 Inch


private collection

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