Gift for a son turning 50 and Fabulous


The birthday boy is a lover of espresso and greatly enjoys his special espresso machine with wooden operating knobs. As a present for his 50th Birthday, I designed espresso spoons and a wooden box. The spoons are made of sheets of Argentium silver, as this silver alloy does not turn black. The spoons are partly forged and partly folded in a vice. The box is made of cherry wood and has two compartments. This enables this box to be cut into two in due time. The birthday boy's two sons will then each have a memento of their father and his 50th birthday celebration. Hence the title 50/50. 


More info on the working process is in my blog post Sketches of my work 7

50/50, espresso spoon box



Argentium silver, cherrywood



marks maker's mark

height  6 mm 0.24 Inch

width  95  mm / 3.74 Inch

depth  7,5  mm /  0.3 Inch



marks maker's mark

height  40  mm  /  1.57 Inch

width  201  mm  /  7.91 Inch

depth  128  mm  /  5.04 Inch


private collection


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