sculpture Too hot


sculpture Too hot



One Of A Kind

recycled casted pewter, chipped Iitala vase

total dimensions

height  135 mm  / 5.31 Inch

width  135 mm  / 5.31 Inch

depth 63 mm  / 2.48 Inch



stamps maker's mark

height  77 mm  / 3.03 Inch

width  116 mm  / 4.57 Inch

depth 11 mm  / 0.43 Inch


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oceans get warmer
there’s no place

where sea animals

can find asylum





Inspired by the film A Life on Our Planet by David Attenborough.

As a consequence of the climate changes, the oceans are warming up. The sea animals have no possibility to escape from this heat. Thus the call to stop turning a blind eye and to change your attitude. Use, for example, a re-usable shopping bag.


Or make a object out of a recycled tin plate, an Iittala vase that has lost its value because there is a chip in the rim, by using a mould out of waste wood (instead of one out of silicone).

Every little bit helps to make a positive change!