Do you blog as an artist? 2

So, what do you share in a blog?

Know-how and experiences

What you should and should not share is totally up to you. I looked at the content of people I consider to be interesting. I love looking at pictures of studios, for example. I think it is not only a form of voyeurism but also informative. They often show handy solutions. For example, how you can store something or make a tool out of something you already have. For this reason, I have put a picture of mine on the homepage.

Very useful, because I frequently look for information on how to do something. Looking at sites like Pinterest and YouTube you realise I am not alone searching out free information. I am not suggesting that you always have to share your expertise for free, as you have spent money and time on getting to be where you are now. I do know providing information can be used to make money by letting being sponsored. I have chosen not to do so. Perhaps it is because I trained as a teacher, which makes me want to help people get further in their process. I have learned a lot from other people makes me pass on the baton.

Some of yourself.

You have probably had the experience too. When you speak a question out loud, the answer suddenly comes to mind. For me, this is how it also works when writing about pieces in progress. You could, of course, write in a diary, but I don't have the discipline to do so. Blogs offer some structure for putting my thoughts down on paper and have the additional feature to enable others to follow my process. I do not write down everything in a blog. Some ideas are not yet clear enough or too personal. I want to show people who I am, but I don't need to share everything with everybody.