Storage of materials

Where do you put all the material you find in containers?!

In the garden, for example!

If you know me at all, you must have noticed that I can't walk past a container without checking it out. Yes, I am most curious in this respect. But it also relates to sustainability. I use materials to produce objects. Stone, timber, gold and silver are all mined from nature. Every form of exploitation has an impact on the area surrounding it. Even if the wood originates from sustainable forests, all kinds of creatures and insects lose their habitat. I do therefore try to use as much material as possible that I find in the local area. So I regularly walk to a dumpster in our neighbourhood with a sturdy trolley. I discovered marble used as a windowsill and pieces of Namur stone. At the moment, I have no particular thought about what it is going to be. Until such time, I have it stacked beside a chair in the garden. So I can use it already as a table for my cup while enjoying reading a good book. (Book about Jannis Kounellis by Gloria Moure) When the marble is processed, I will find a new home again for the insects that will be making it a shelter in the interim.