First prize Jewelry Award 2017

Happy to have won the Jewelry Award 2017, first prize Design and Craftsmanship

Diamondland, Antwerp, Belgium from left to right: Lydia Segers, Jewelry Award / Katrien De Corte, chief officer education HRD / Saskia Tossaint / Nico Delaide, Jewelry Award

Beloved memories #5, #2, #1, #4 en #3

photo: Rob Stahl

This year’s theme was Precious.

For me Precious stands for the wisdom, encouragement, advice and love I have received in my life that have made me who I am today. Each brooch gives shape to a feeling that I have with a loved one and the life and wisdom that came with them. By presenting the brooches together as a group on frames I want to strengthen the feeling  and memories of my loved ones.

The brooches are made of Sterling silver, blue alabaster, peach selenite, cobalt serpentine, nickel silver and steel. I have grinded the stones by hand and made de stands out of oak and linen.