exhibition DE VAN DEL MAC

Part of Brussels Jewellery Week 2024

On view from 25 April to 25 May 2024 at NOJ gallery in Brussels

By presenting this exhibition, the gallery is participating in the Be.TOUR, a sub-event of the BJW. They asked artists to create a contemporary version of the signet ring for their Open Call. A seal ring that shows who you are. My ring refers to my mind's relentless source of ideas and thoughts—both a blessing and a curse at the same time and a hallmark of my Asperger's syndrome. Hidden in a space under the stone are small pieces of brass. While moving, they make a sound, representing the thoughts swirling through my head.

Nowadays, the signet ring is seen as old-fashioned and corny. In earlier days, it was a status symbol. In addition to adding to your name, it was an indispensable object when you were elevated to the peerage. The curators, Diederick van Hovell and Aurore de Heusch have been pleased to elevate me. As of 25 April, I may use the suffix Mc. Not bad, huh, Saskia Mc Tossaint 😉 Eager to find out what more was selected? Check out @the.van.del.mac on Instagram.

This ring is part of my Pebbles Are a Girl's Best Friend project.