A budding flower
herald of things to come
a feast of fragrance and colour
Then remains the memory
and the promise of the seeds


To me, it is the beauty of decay. It is a mix of melancholy and hope. I also see that same mix in whatever material I found and lost its functionality.

Faced with the impact of climate change, it makes me wonder whether the seeds will still have room to germinate. This (construction) waste, partly found in nature, visualises my fear of losing this promise of the seeds. Will we be left with only the memory of nature soon?

sculpture Will there be fresh flower to come?


sculpture Will there be fresh flower to come?




found iron, found iron, found aluminium, found copper wire, iron wire, candle wax, oak wood, brass seal with master's mark


marks master's sign

height 830 mm  / 32.68 Inch

width 660 mm  / 25.98 Inch

depth 210 mm  / 8.27 Inch


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