For what lives in the seas and oceans

the influence of mankind

is simply impossible to escape


To us, the sea is still cool and blue

but coral, plankton and cod

they yarn under shining skies

Based on the film A Life on Our Planet by David Attenborough.

As a result of climate change, the oceans are getting warmer. The species that live there have no way of escaping the heat. Hence the call to stop turning a blind eye and adjust your behaviour.

Junk pewter plates from the thrift shop and a valueless vase by Iittala, as there is one chip in the rim. By using what others see as waste, I represent my concerns about rising temperatures. By not using new materials, I want to show that everyone can contribute to improving our environment. Will you join me?

sculpture Too hot


sculpture Too hot




recycled casted pewter, chipped Iitala vase

total dimensions

height  135 mm  / 5.31 Inch

width  135 mm  / 5.31 Inch

depth 63 mm  / 2.48 Inch



stamps maker's mark

height  77 mm  / 3.03 Inch

width  116 mm  / 4.57 Inch

depth 11 mm  / 0.43 Inch


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