Based on Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez (Seville, June 1599 - Madrid, 6 August 1660)

In Diego's painting Las Meninas (The Ladies at Court) of 1656, all the people have a role in looking and being looked at. This got me thinking about the way we behave on social media.

In I spy with my little eye, I search for the answer to the question whether looking at ourselves and each other in the blue light of phones and tablets is just an evolution of human behaviour, or whether these devices have changed our view of ourselves and the world forever.

I have written about the work process in the BLOG Sketches of my work 1.



in Velázquez's Las Meninas

I spy with my little eye ...

a selfie avant la lettre

sculpture I spy with my little eye


sculpture I spy with my little eye




reclycled pewter, African blackwood, coloured glass lens, galvanized wire, steel sheet, a found piece of iron

height 152 mm  /  5.98 Inch

width 100 mm  /  3,94 Inch

depth 55 mm  /  2,17 Inch

marks master's sign


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