A memory of my childhood.


This sculpture of cast tin, iron nails and oak wood was based on a photograph of my father and myself at a lakeside. We were throwing stones on the water and I was very impressed with my father's ability to make the stones jump on the water. For me, this picture represents the admiration that a child can feel for its parent and vice versa.

For me, collecting stones, shells and other objects while walking is an essential part of hiking. The nails in this object refer to collecting objects as so many children do naturally.

sculpture Child and parent


sculpture Child and parent




recycled casted pewter, found iron nails, aok, brass screws, sterling silver seal with maker's mark.

stamps maker's mark

height  165 mm  / 6.5 Inch

width  140 mm  / 5.51 Inch

depth  45 mm  / 1.77 Inch


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