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ring Circles of life


ring Circles of life



limited edition of 25

14 kt gold

stamps  585  /  maker's mark

height  23.5mm  /  0.93 Inch

width  30mm  /  1.18 Inch

depth  18mm  /  0.71 Inch

ring size Ø 17.5 mm

                 US 7

                 U 54.5mm

                 No 14½


This design is made to measure. More information or questions please use the link contact. Limited edition designs are including certificate.



The unconditional love of a parent towards its child and vice versa.


This ring is to be worn on the middle finger so that the circles rest between your middle finger and your ring finger.


This ring is 3D printed in wax, after which the wax model was cast in 14kt gold using the classic lost wax method.

The finishing of the ring is done by hand.