Caron is the name of a diacritical mark that is used in the Latin alphabet.


Diacritical marks are script characters which are placed on top of, under or across a letter to indicate its pronunciation. They accent a letter, like a ring that accents the hand.

The Caron Double ring puts the strongest accent on the hand, as it is a fusion of the small Caron and the large Caron Bold.

The Caron Bold ring puts the middle accent on the hand, as it is twice as wide as the narrow Caron.

The Caron ring puts the smallest accent on the hand, as its size is twice that of the Caron bold. 


This ring is 3D printed in wax, after which the wax model was cast in silver using the classic lost wax method.


The finishing of the ring is done by hand.

ring Caron Double


ring Caron Double



limited edition of 25

sterling silver

stamps  925  /maker's mark

height  9.3 mm  /  0.36 Inch

width  21.5 mm  /  0.85 Inch

depth  21.5 mm  /  0.85 Inch

ring size Ø 17 mm


                   U 53mm

                   No 13


This design is made to measure. More information or questions please use the link contact. Limited edition designs are including certificate.