Inspired by the work of Lucio Fontana (19 Feb. 1899 - 7 Sept. 1968)

His work appeals to me because of its texture and monochrome colours. Fontana was an Argentinian-Italian visual artist, known as the founder of spatialism, in which he sliced or punctured the linen of paintings. His work is considered conceptual art.

Perhaps it is a consequence of my work as a lighting planner, but I am particularly touched by the way light plays an important role in his work. The light reveals the texture, the incisions and holes, giving the work depth.

The cone on top of this ring has a canvas-like texture, which catches the light in a different way every time the ring is worn. Luce is the Italian word for light, hence the title alla luce di Lucio.

This ring is 3D printed in wax, after which the wax model was cast in 14kt gold using the classic lost wax method.

The finishing of the ring is done by hand.

ring alla luce di Lucio


ring alla luce di Lucio



limited edition of 25

14 kt gold.

stamps  585  /  maker's mark

height  24 mm  /  0.94 Inch

width  20 mm  /  0.78 Inch

depth  20 mm  /  0.78 Inch

ring size Ø 17.25 mm

                 US 7

                 U 54mm

                 No 14.5


This design is made to measure. More information or questions please use the link contact. Limited edition designs are including certificate.