Environment-friendly jewellery can it be?

Through this brooch, I ask makers and consumers if they know the environmental impact of the materials used for jewellery.

With my project Pebbles Are a Girl's Best Friend, I am exploring the creative possibilities of a concrete drill core I found.

All little bits help, and together, we can help restore nature. Will you join in?


More info on this project can be found in my blog post project Pebbles Are a Girl's Best Friend and the exhibition exhibition [PARTICLES].

brooch Come join in


brooch Come join in



one of a kind

found stone, brass, steel pin

marks master mark

height 137 mm

width 55 mm

depth 40 mm


Brussels Jewellery Week's open call, Particle[s], prompted the creation of this brooch. It was part of the Particle[s] exhibition at MAD in Brussels during BJW 2024.

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