Beloved memories #4 expresses my affection towards my aunt.

Alongside her work, she was also a passionate sculptor. At the end of her life, me and my brother went to pay her a visit as she lay in a hospice. It was a truly special afternoon walking down memory lane. My aunt made me make my childhood dream come true. An extraordinary inheritance.

It is one of the five brooches in the series Beloved Memories, for which I won first prize at the Jewelry Award 2017 for Design and Craftsmanship. The yearly the theme for the Jewelry Award changes and in 2017 it was Precious.

To me, Precious stands for the wisdom, encouragement, advice and love I have received in my life. It has made me the person I am today. The brooches each express the feeling I have with one dear one and the life wisdom that belongs to that person. By presenting the brooches as if they were a group of picture frames, I want to reinforce the feeling that they are about my loved ones and memories.

I cut the peach selenite myself and made the stand by hand.

brooch Beloved memories #4



sterling silver, peach selenite, broochpin made of steel

displayed on stand of aok and linen



stamps 925 - maker's mark

height  81 mm / 3.18 inch

width  43 mm / 1.69 inch

depth  16 mm / 0.62 inch



height  119 mm / 4.68 inch

width  85 mm / 3.34 inch

depth  56 mm / 2.20 inch


private collection Saskia Tossaint