Inspired by the Soreq Nuclear Research Center.

It was designed by the American architect Philip Johnson (8 July 1906 - 25 January 2005). The institute conducts scientific research in the field of physics.

In the design of this bracelet, I have combined soft and hard lines referring to the healing and destroying powers of nuclear energy.

The colour of bronze really speaks to me and I love the patina that arises over time as a part of the wear. The discolourations that some people get on their skins by wearing bronze jewellery are harmless. If that is not your cup of tea, this bracelet can be gold-plated. Follow the link contact for more information.

This bracelet has been 3D printed in wax, after which the wax model was cast in bronze using the classic lost wax method.

The finishing of the bracelet is done by hand.

bracelet Soreq


bracelet Soreq



limited edition of 25


stamps maker's mark

height  18.8mm / 0.74 Inch

inner diameter  65mm / 2.55 Inch

outer diameter  71mm / 2.79 Inch


This design is made to measure. More information or questions please use the link contact. Limited edition designs are including certificate.