From just boxes to reliquaries.

I have all kinds of containers in which I store all my finds. Valueless objects that become the basis for new designs.

The bone called to mind a bone china dollshead with neck and shoulder. As a knob on the lid of the box, it transformed into a modern version of an sculpture of the god Horus.

Horus is an Egyptian falcon god and was worshipped as a god of kingship and a sky god, among other things, from the beginning of ancient Egyptian civilisation until the introduction of Christianity.

box H



nickel silver, bone, brass


stamps  maker's mark

height  116mm  /  4.57 Inch

width  42mm  /  1.65 Inch

depth  39mm  /  1.54 Inch



height  69mm  /  2.72 Inch

width  46mm  /  1.81 Inch

depth  47mm  /  1.85 Inch


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